Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa E20 / E35 Robot Vacuum Cleaner English Manual

Nextbuying smarthome team update new robot vacuum xiaomi roborock xiaowa E20 and E35 model English user manual, below copy a official FAQ file. the manual include Security Information, Product Introduction, Installation, Operating Instruction, Daily Maintenance, Basic Parameters. Please read this manual carefully before using the product and keep it properly.  

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Roborock Xiaowa Lite FAQ

Q: Can the machine memorize a map and how to clear the memory?
A: There are no sweeping maps, so that no need to clear the memory.

Q: How long will it take to clean my home?
A: Based on the adaptive algorithm, the robot can calculate the operating time in real time according to room size, furniture arrangements and other actual factors. It takes no more than 60 minutes to clean each time. The cleaning effect will be great if furniture is well arranged and there is little trash.

Q: Are the accessories applicable to both Roborock and Mi Home products?
A: General-purpose accessories: main brush, side brush, main brush cover, strainer (Mi Home strainers are not washable), and virtual wall.

Q: Is mopping possible for the machine?
A: The mopping function is not available. The floor is already quite clean after the sweeping process, so that manual mopping will not be a hard work. Meanwhile, you can also select Roborock S50/S51 sweeping and mopping robots.

Q: Is timer cleaning supported? How to set it?
A: Yes. Please download Mi Home APP and connect it to your machine. On the Setting option, you can add timer operation. After setting, the set timer cleaning will not be affected regardless of whether the machine is connected to Wi-Fi.

Q: Will long-term charging consume more power? Will overcharge shorten the service life of the battery?
A: Charging stops after the battery is full. The motherboard is powered directly from the dock charger and the battery is in standby mode and thus the battery performance will not be affected. The machine has very low power consumption (less than 3W) when it is inoperative. To maintain the best performance of the battery, please try to keep the machine interfaced on the dock charger when it is left unused.

Q: Can the machine still work after the main brush is removed?
A: The machine itself will not fail to work due to an error and can still works without the main brush, but, without the main brush, the cleaning effect is reduced. This is not recommended.

Q: Can I use wet cloth to wipe off the machine body/dock charger?
A: For foreign matters that cannot be removed by dry cloth, you can power the machine off or disconnect it from the power supply and use wet cloth to clean it. Be sure to use dry cloth to wipe water residue off before charging or use. 

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