Xiaomi Rockrobo Robot Vacuum 2 Cleaner Reviews

Latest of which being the Mi Robot Vacuum 2 . This is the second device coming out of a Mi Ecosystem startup dubbed Rockrobo, and it already claims to have a higher suction rating 2,000 Pa and 2 in 1 sweeping and mopping function, support Vacuum Cleaner and mopping. 

5,200 mAh 14.4V lithium ion battery life will cover 250 square meters of space — which takes about 2.5 hours — on a single charge. When done, the machine will make its way back to its charging dock.  The mop cloth is as wide as the main brush. Sweeping first and then mopping, cleaning the floor effectively. easy install and remove the tank accessories. 

users can set a virtual wall to block the robot vacuum device, the xiaomi mijia home app lets you check the vacuum's status via WiFi, You can remotely toggle it, get a live tracking, switch between the modes. 

Nextbuying have first get the xiaomi robot vacuum 2 and share a unboxing reviews, Open the box with two boxes, robot 2 and the charging seat, and water tank, this part contains the sweeping robots mopping. other post xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner VS 2nd generation specifications.



The robot 2 front part of the fuselage to add a rubber cushion, in the cleaning process will play a better protective. Open the back cover, you can find Wi-Fi light, dust box is a snap design, easy to remove. The left side of the dust box is attached to the cleaning brush, more convenient cleaning filter. Dust capacity, from last year's 0.42L xiaomi mi robot vacuum upgrade to new robot vacuum 2 0.48L, means that can cleaner more..  

Roborock Sweep One / Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2nd Generation Mopping Function

Mi Robot vacuum 1 and 2 accessories can use together (this is official confirmed)  Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 2nd gen In Stock Nextbuying .  ( Discount use coupon code : mirobot2  OFF $30 USD )

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  1. 我在Nextbuying 买的 一代 小米Robot Vacuum Cleaner 试用效果还不错,家里有拖到地的窗帘,用V8时经常被吸绕,原以为小米也会碰到这个问题,结果并没有。有几个柜子底下有电线,原以为可能会有问题,结果小米也没有被绕到,倒是几双ugg胖拖鞋,小米趴在上面吸啊吸啊没完没了不下来,我赶紧手动解围。

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