Xiaomi Redmi 1s Un-box Reviews

Just baught an Xiaomi redmi 1s for my father at Nextbuying. the price on xiomi1s is a killer for motoG.just fell and care to share regarding the xiaomi miui v5 having lots of developer/moder to mod and port lots ROM over the XDA. its complete winner.






New Xiaomi redmi that price with a  non-contract,that's a really cheap phone with good specs, very good as the price is just fine, only problem is sometimes freeze for a while, need to clear running apps when runs half of or 1 day, and the package is like a bulletproof, awesome quality.  The Snapdragon is every bit as capable as the Snapdragon 400. although the 8gb storage in the 1s is nice. i'm looking at the 1s as a variant, not a successor. Probably added for more telco radio support. 

Could be good for entry-level. Does it feel smooth when using it? The 400 isn't great, but it's not a bad chip either if you're not using it for a ton of resource intensive apps/games.

The package is good quality 






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