Xiaomi Piston 2 headphones work with my Sony Xperia

Bought the Xiaomi Piston v2 headphones after reading positive reviews. The sound quality is superb especially considering the $25.98 price on Nextbuying. An added bonus is the volume buttons on the mic/remote actually work with my Xperia Z1!! I had pretty much given up trying to find a quality headset with volume buttons that actually work with Android devices, so I'm glad I finally found a compatible set. 

Another added bonus, v2 of the Piston headphones  smell like chocolate. 😀 !! 

 I bought the headphones from Nextbuying.com and can confirm they are genuine


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Just got these earbuds. Lives up to its reviews, nice build, sound, look, packaging and has a soft chocolate scent lol.The controls work with Android too. Great pick up if you're looking for new earbuds. New Original Gold Xiaomi 2nd Piston Earphone Ii Headphone Headset Earbud with Remote & Mic for Smartphone

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Nextbuying Note: 

Official Genuine Xiaomi Piston 2.0 Gold 3.5mm In-ear Earphone with Mic Control On NextBuying.com Only $24.98
The Smell (Chocolate) – The Design (Gorgeous) – The Sound (Breathtaking) – The Materials (Beryllium Is As Cool As It Sounds) – The Box (Simplicity) 

Model     Xiaomi Piston V2.0 Earphone
TYPE    With 3.5mm earphone jack in-ear Piston 
Frequency Range    20-20000Hz
Sensitivity    93dB
Cable Length    1.1M
Rated power    3mW
 Impedance    12~16Ω

Buy Official Genuine Xiaomi Piston 2.0 Earphone on Nextbuying

How to Check Genuine or Fake

Put on the packaging Xiaomi security labels, enter verification code Xiaomi official website http://order.mi.com/service/dyscode






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3 thoughts on “Xiaomi Piston 2 headphones work with my Sony Xperia”

  1. I love it. The only earbuds I can compare to are the Apple ones and these are much better in terms of sound quality.
    The fit is a little weird but I think that’s cause I’m really use to the Apple ones so I just need time to get use to them.
    The best part is the pause, play, volume up & down controls work flawlessly. I always hated reaching into my pocket to manually pause a song when someone is talking to me. Now I can just press the button. They also don’t seem to tangle easily so that’s another win right there. 

  2. I just bought the piston 2 yesterday on Nextbuying, can’t wait to get them. Being a seasoned audiophile I can only hope the sound quality is that good. This will be my first IEM.

  3. The design of the box is good. The audio quality is pretty nice in that price range.
    If you have limited budget and you need a good earphone.
    This is your choice.

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