Xiaomi Piston 2 headphones work Oneplus One

This a reviews post share Xiaomi Piston 2 headphones work Oneplus One phones, if you get the xiaomi piston 2 and work on OPO smartphone or other phone, make a review to us, Nextbuying rewards for your product reviews.

Hi, from Germany. Order on July 29, received on August 13. A seller sells original product Xiaomi Piston 2 on Nextbuying website, very good price, do not buy from other sellers eBay and Ali, because they are fake products. 
sound quality very good, good insulation. Kevlar cable is durable and long. The remote control works with my phone OnePlus One 16Gb white 😀 

Verified Buyer By Patrick G. August 15, 2014 


















I just got my pair of in ear headphones ( Xiaomi piston 2 earphones ) on Nextbuying.com ,  this a Official original ones. The sound is great. Nice treble and bass. Confirmed, that the volume buttons work and the middle button pauses and starts the music and even youtube clips.  (the pic taken via my OnePlus One phone.) 

Verified Buyer By Christina August 16, 2014

















Check out Official Genuine Xiaomi Piston 2.0 On Nextbuying

Official Genuine Xiaomi Piston 2.0 Gold 3.5mm In-ear Earphone with Mic Control On NextBuying.com Only $24.98

The Smell (Chocolate) – The Design (Gorgeous) – The Sound (Breathtaking) – The Materials (Beryllium Is As Cool As It Sounds) – The Box (Simplicity) 
Model     Xiaomi Piston V2.0 Earphone
TYPE    With 3.5mm earphone jack in-ear Piston 
Frequency Range    20-20000Hz
Sensitivity    93dB
Cable Length    1.1M
Rated power    3mW
 Impedance    12~16Ω
Buy Official Genuine Xiaomi Piston 2.0 Earphone on Nextbuying.com 

How to Check Genuine or Fake
Put on the packaging Xiaomi security labels, enter verification code Xiaomi official website http://order.mi.com/service/dyscode






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