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When i ordered xiaomi new piston (2.1) earphones from Nextbuying, i was a bit skeptical about how long the delivery would take to switzerland, but surprisingly, it was the one of the best experience of buying online from china, unlike other chinese shops which actually took like 1-2 months to ship. 

I ordered my pistons on 8 november a sunday with singapore post. The Item dispatched within 2 days. Meaning that my item started to ship on 11 november. On 21 November morning i got my pistons. Amazingly it just took 10 days to ship to Switzerland. Thumbs up Nextbuying !




Now about my pistons. Let me confirm this, these xiaomi pistons are GENUINE see How to Buy Genuine Xiaomi Piston 2 Headphones !!

The mail packet was tight and secure. The package of these was elegant and simple. Its one of the best packaging i have ever seen i kinda felt like i was opening some jewelry.


You get in the box : 1) pair of Pistons v2.1 (silver)

                                    2) Three earbuds 

                                    3) A soft-pouch for stowing your pistons

                                    4) Metalclip


Sound Quality


I plugged my pistons to my macbook pro, as it has a good audio output. The sound quality of the pistons are amazing, the lows and mids are very good event tough there is a deep sub bass and a punchy mid bass. The soundstage is very good too. They sound very nice when you listen to Pop and Electronic music. But i recommend to burn in the pistons to get most out of it. There is also app to help to burn in the headset, made by the creators of the pistons


Link to the app: http://en.miui.com/thread-36659-1-1.html




The pistons feel very premium because of the aluminium body as well as the wire is coated outside with nylon and inside with kevlar. It is very durable.




The xiaomi Pistons headphones ( nextbuying.com link )  are on of the best headphones in the market, its cost only 22.69 USD , you could easily compare these with other headphones with price range above 90 USD.

I would recommend to everyone to grab one of these.

Thanks Nextbuying for these headphones, Thumbs UP


Sound Quality         : 10/10

Durability           : 10/10

Packaging         : 10/10

Nextbuying service : 10/10


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