Xiaomi Mi4 vs Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi company in July 22 officially released its new flagship Xiaomi mi4 phones, and in the past the main top-level configuration is different, the millet four did not show an overwhelming performance advantage, but to enhance other users while maintaining high performance levels under experience. 
First joined stainless steel frame design also allows xiaomi mi 4 highlights, its actual experience how it?
As the new flagship of xiaomi, Xiaomi mi3 vs mi4 hardware specifications what is different? 










Hardware specifications, Mi 4 vs Xiaomi mi3 SPEC, first CPU MI4 high 200MHz, there will be some advantage in the instant performance. Both belong to the same Snapdragon 801 processors, the same GPU frequency. Xiaomi Mi4 with a 3G RAM, the is flagship spec. flash side is upgraded to eMMC5.0, which have a greater daily storage performance improvement. In the same camera head millet four big improvement, although the rear camera with a 13 mp pixels, xiaomi mi4 stacked using a f1.8, real-time HDR, 4K video recording (Sony IMX214), 8MP front camera, f1.8, 80-degree wide angle (Sony IMX219), . xiaomi 4 still did not use Snapdragon 805 processors or Tegra K1. 

Xiami mi 4 Stainless steel frame unbelievable craftsmanship & polish, Metal frame to join it looks Duoliaoyifen sense of technology. Although Mi4 screen on the same specifications Mi 3, but the screen panel and touch screen technology has improved in the state put out very dark screen, screen frame is not obvious.

Bottom of the screen still has three touch keys, which are the menu, home button and return, there is a breathing light below the button. 

Cover surface is matte texture, revealing a close look at the inner layer is a small square lines, the visual effect is particularly

Xiaomi mi4 top is a 3.5mm headphone jack and an infrared sensor,the bottom is a speaker and a micro-USB port, the left side of the phone is the Sim card slot, the entire border processes are relatively good. 

Sim card slot is also a metal material, is micro-SIM card 

Xiaomi mi4 use 5-inch 1080p IPS display, very high color gamut (84% of NTSC range) 

1920×1080p  441PPI See crisp details in FHD video or rich textures in 3D game environments. Your photos look more vibrant in your hands now. Our full-screen, anti-glare coating gives you high screen readability wherever you go.

3000 mAh lithium internal battery, quick charging at 9V/1.2A or 5V/2A , long battery life. Combined with the latest power managment technologies, we've acheived our most impressive battery performance yet.

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8 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi4 vs Xiaomi Mi3”

  1. Absolutely beautiful design , Xiaomi If you keep your skinned Android up to date in a timely manner then it might be able to compete well with Samsung, Sony, LG and others. 

  2. That’s nice for Xiaomi and those who got one, but we here in Germany still have to wait… Maybe Europe isn’t interesting for Xiaomi anyway.

  3. Thanks a lot, very impressive devices! Xiaomi Mi4 vs OnePlus One Flagship smartphone killer showdown ????
    Apart from the top class specs it would be nice to have some insight about camera pictures quality and speakers audio quality. To be honest multimedia performance in real world are often far from what’s written on paper. Not saying this is the case, just asking a deep review of this very interesting device.

  4. I liked the comparison. It’s a very very difficult pick between the two. Using the Mi3 right now & love it. Think I can pick one of OPO or Mi4 only after using the phones

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