Xiaomi Mi Pad Review (Experience a month)

July. purchased a Xiaomi Mi Pad from Nextbuying white color (My Nexus7 (first gen) needs an upgrade), and i like the 4:3 screen (iPad mini is 4:3) 7.9-inch (2048 x 1536) and Tegra K1, 2GB RAM, 16/64GB Flash, extensible to 128GB via microSD card, 8MP rear / 5MP front camera.

































At first glance, xiaomi tablet same iPhone 5c, it is more like iPad mini and iPhone 5c combination, the right side key: volume keys, and power keys. easy to leave fingerprints. 

This a Xiaomi MiPad Camera test photo : 














verified Buyer By Stephen August 12, 2014  

Nextbuying edit : More Xiami Mi Pad Review Xiaomi MiPAD Benchmarks,in the run Antutu apps, running sub broke through 40000! 


The MiPad on Nextbuying price the 16GB version only $308.98 ( in stock color Pink, White, Yellow ),64GB version $349.98 ( Only White color ).  

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