Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Unboxing

This week xiaomi release more new device, there is an upgraded version Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and NFC version, Xiaomi Mi Band ( 1nd 2nd) smart bracelets total shipment has already exceeded 30 million.  able to have a variety of designs, and it's made of a thermoplastic elastomer that Xiaomi says should be more comfortable and friendly for your skin. 

Mi Band 3 touch screen is a 0.78-inchs OLED resolution of 128 x 80, which a fitness tracker´╝î dimensions of the 17.9 x 46.9 x 12mm and it wrist as it only weighs 20g. waterproof up to 50 meters.  and it built Bluetooth 4.2 technology inside and it'll be able to work with both Android 4.4 and above phones as well as iOS 9.0 and above.

There's sleep tracking feature give you basic stats on your sleep quality.  interested buy mi band 3 or NFC version price on Nextbuying . 

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