Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Unboxing Reviews

The June.2016 Xiaomi release new wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 2's is made of a skin-friendly thermoplastic elastomer, MiBand 2 with OLED display which displays Time, Steps Count and Hear Rate, it also has a new fitness band to show the world. Now has an OLED display instead of the usual three LED array and a round physical button on the front. This allows the Mi Band 2 to show the time – a very requested feature for the old models, as well as step count and heart rate right there on the device screen.

running pre-orders. Nextbuying for $39.98 the black color. 

The Highlights features mi band 2's

– Available for both Android and iOS devices 
– 0.42" OLED display screen
– Lift wrist to wake up the screen
– Real time heart rate
– Sedentary Alerts
– Monitors the pace of your running
– Monitors your sleep
– IP67 Water Resistant , Colorful band options.



16 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Unboxing Reviews”

  1. Hi, placed an order on 3rd june.
    Order confirmed and paid but I’m not getting any information about how long it will take.
    I tried sending an inquiry mail to sales@ but I got no reply.
    Any help here, maybe? Thanks

    1. Hello Sirs.
      Thanks for your order from Nextbuying, the item this time pre-sale. normal shipping and processor complete send email about the tracking number info.

  2. Place order on the 11th Jun 16, order confirm and paid, until today (23th Jul 16) status still under processing, when can I get my goods?

    1. Thanks for your order from Nextbuying and shipping delay … 1 – 3 rd all order have shipped, 4 rd processor complete shipping soon ..

  3. Place order on the 18th Jun 16, order confirm and paid, until today (27th Jul 16) i have no information about status, when can I get my goods ?

  4. Hello , my order is 6/22/16, confirmed and paid.. Status is Processing until today. Do you have some information about the shipping date? Thanks.

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