Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Unboxing Reviews

The June.2016 Xiaomi release new wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 2's is made of a skin-friendly thermoplastic elastomer, MiBand 2 with OLED display which displays Time, Steps Count and Hear Rate, it also has a new fitness band to show the world. Now has an OLED display instead of the usual three LED array and a round physical button on the front. This allows the Mi Band 2 to show the time – a very requested feature for the old models, as well as step count and heart rate right there on the device screen.

running pre-orders. Nextbuying for $39.98 the black color. 

The Highlights features mi band 2's

- Available for both Android and iOS devices 
- 0.42" OLED display screen
- Lift wrist to wake up the screen
- Real time heart rate
- Sedentary Alerts
- Monitors the pace of your running
- Monitors your sleep
- IP67 Water Resistant , Colorful band options.




  1. A says:

    Hi, placed an order on 3rd june.
    Order confirmed and paid but I’m not getting any information about how long it will take.
    I tried sending an inquiry mail to sales@ but I got no reply.
    Any help here, maybe? Thanks

    • wanjie says:

      Hello Sirs.
      Thanks for your order from Nextbuying, the item this time pre-sale. normal shipping and processor complete send email about the tracking number info.

  2. GREGO says:

    Got it TODAY .. Thx .. Good job..

  3. Jonathan says:

    Place order on the 11th Jun 16, order confirm and paid, until today (23th Jul 16) status still under processing, when can I get my goods?

    • wanjie says:

      Thanks for your order from Nextbuying and shipping delay … 1 – 3 rd all order have shipped, 4 rd processor complete shipping soon ..

  4. Jordi says:

    Place order on the 18th Jun 16, order confirm and paid, until today (27th Jul 16) i have no information about status, when can I get my goods ?

    • wanjie says:

      Hello , order have processor complete and shipped for air post, shipping to France 10 – 15 work day .

  5. Karl Perkins says:

    Fantastic, Original Mi Band 2. Good deal without surprises. The mi band 2 is working perfectly .. thx

  6. cbolumar says:

    Hello , my order is 6/22/16, confirmed and paid.. Status is Processing until today. Do you have some information about the shipping date? Thanks.

  7. wanjie says:

    Update price Today the mi band 2 use coupon code : xiaomi2off the price save $2 and support free shipping .

  8. wanjie says:

    Just updated firmware. Now time display can include date month.

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