Xiaomi Mi 9 20W Wireless Charging

Xiaomi CEO leijun today post on weibo ( China Twitter ) about  Xiaomi 9 is still the industry's only 20W wireless charging flagship smartphone.

The 20W wireless charging of Xiaomi mi 9 smartphone is the real "end power", which is the highest charging power that the receiver Receiver can output. In order to achieve 20W end-to-end power, Xiaomi wireless charging board needs more power input, and the specification supports 20V/1.35A, which ensures that Xiaomi mi 9 receives 20W maximum power during wireless charging. 

The entire 20W wireless charging solution is completely a wireless charging solution independently designed by Xiaomi, and the wired fast charging charge pump technology is applied to the wireless charging system.

The buck is accomplished with ultra-high conversion efficiency through two-stage buck. At the same time, the 5-layer nanocrystalline magnetic isolation material, plus multi-strand wound lifting coil transmission efficiency, reduces heat loss. 

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, this Mi 9 variant offers 128GB of internal storage capacity.  and Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Transparent Edition 6.39-inch FHD AMOLED 12GB 256GB, you can get your hands on this model for a lowered price of on Nextbuying.

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2 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi 9 20W Wireless Charging”

  1. This is leijun of xiaomi CEO say xiaomi wireless charging Research and development:
    “Xiaomi company first wireless charging smartphone is Xiaomi MI MIX2S achieved the leading level in the domestic smartphone industry. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 support 10W Max wireless fast charge, Xiaomi Mi 9 20W wireless charge, Xiaomi has been working hard for wireless charging technology, to enhance the user experience. Xiaomi wireless charging has gradually become a benchmark in the smartphone tech company.

    The wireless charging technology originated very early, and this technology has not been promoted because of the problem of charging efficiency and cost. For the first time, Xiaomi did wireless charging, and it achieved 7.5W, and the compression cost will make the wireless charging main board of $50 – $100 USD on the market achieve $22, truly making high-end products popular.

    And Xiaomi Mi 9 this time for the first time in the world to use 20W wireless flash charging, 90 minutes can be full charging with Xiaomi Mi 9, faster than ordinary mobile phone wire cable speed! ! But the price still $22, that is, we hope that everyone can buy it without pressure, and put one in each bedroom to make wireless charging go to the practical stage.”

    Xiaomi wireless car charger on Nextbuying https://www.nextbuying.com/xiaomi-wireless-car-charger-20w-p000717.html

  2. In the wireless fast charging in product line, Xiaomi Mi 9’s smartphone wireless charging accessories can be said to be the most in the world?

    – 20W wireless charger pad, put in the bedroom and office.

    – 20W wireless car charger, Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount, Infrared Motion Sensor Automatic Open and Clamp for Safe Driving, Air Vent Phone Holder, double heat dissipation.

    – There is also a cool wireless charging power bank, wireless and wired charging two ways to choose, go out without a wire charging cable.

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