Xiaomi Game Controller

Early October Xiaomi has announced its new xiaomi Bluetooth game controller. Xiaomi game controller dual-shock, analogue sticks, Y, X, A, and B buttons, as well as two shoulder buttons on either side. It also has a back button, menu button, and a home button with Mi branding. It is powered by 2xAA batteries. 

The Nextbuying.com Spec info. 

link : Xiaomi Bluetooth Game Controller for Android Smartphones, Tablets, TV

Xiaomi Bluetooth Game Controller for Xiaomi Smartphones, Mi Box, Mi TV , Other Android Phones & Tablets etc.. 
– Support for Bluetooth 3.0, fast response buttons
– Vibration: Dual Vibration 
– G-sensor, 3-axis Acceleration of Gravity, Reflect the Gravity Sensing
– Support Low-voltage Alarm
– Battery life up to 100 hours
– Dimension: 160×110
– COLOR: Black
– Weight: 223.5g

Xiaomi Game Controller vs XBOX vs PS3 

Xiaomi Bluetooth Game Controller Running smartphones games

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