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The new Q2 2014 Xiaomi overtook Samsung smartphone, 22 July Xiaomi release new xiaomi smartphone the Mi4 (Xiaomi Advertising  latest flagship Android phone the Mi 4) and Miband, xiaomi have pointed to its rapid growth in China. 

2014 more Xiaomi smartphones and accessories avaliable to Nextbuying.com, good functionality which is all most people will want, the is a customers reviews on Nextbuying [5" 1080p, good design, why not?  It's a complete different experience, so what? atleast in china market where Xiaomi is well settled brand"]. gets a few thing sorted and get a consistent devices out with good customer support this Nextbuying service purpose. 

Nextbuying resell xiaomi all hot item earphones, powerbank, smartphones, mipad and coming soon miband. about the mi4 reviews check the link a customers review mi4 like the familiar finale to an Apple, "this will still be the first quality chinese phone i'll ever buy and it's nothing but just inspiration from other companies". 

About miband fitness band can also unlock your phone and Another fitness product that will find its way into the drawers of consumers along with their gym membership ID, I would very much like to try and incorporate into my fitness program!

Finally the MiPad Nextbuying sell price only $305.99 16GB Ripping off Apple is like stealing from a thief. It's wrong but yet, it feels absolutely right. take on the Apple iPad. And to prove it, the Android powered Xiaomi MiPad in China. A challenger to the Apple iPad mini with Retina Display, the MiPad features a 7.9 inch IPS display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. That works out to a pixel density of 326ppi. going the 4:3 aspect ratio route is certainly chasing Apple's tail with the iPad Mini but i like the cheap price !! 


Anyway just talk Xiaomi more gadgets in Xiaomi Channel! August 6 Nextbuying.com CEO TONY 






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