Xiaomi Best Camera Phone the Xiaomi Mi 9 Reviews

Xiaomi has been investing in camera development for four years. Xiaomi Mi 9 not only has a best of photography, and world-class video,  many interesting small video ( the hot vlog ). The 2019 year May 1 Friends  Photo Contest begin. It is strongly recommended that the 960-frame slow motion function of Xiaomi Mi 9 is very interesting. 

Just look back xiaomi new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera : Rear three-camera module, Sony 48MP super wide-angle macro camera, laser focus, sapphire glass protection sheet. 

Turn on the camera and slide to the leftmost "slow motion" mode. Shooting is fine. After the filming, you can also play the soundtrack, edit, and add filters. the Xiaomi Mi 9 MIUI development version will be able to experience video with a camera at low brightness, There are no horizontal stripes and flickering of PWM dimming. 

This function is added to the development version and the stable version, and it is directly operated on the interface. A pure hardware DC dimming solution will also be introduced to completely solve the problem of lower contrast and display graininess under low brightness, please view Nextbuying list best camera smartphone 2019 year ( xiaomi and huawei).  

The Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera movement and shooting function allows the screen to follow the subject with one click and stay in the center position. This function is supported by both the main camera and the super wide-angle camera.  


Xiaomi Mi 9 Global Smartphone, Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 64GB / 128GB of expandable storage, and a 3,300mAh battery. 

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Xiaomi Mi 9 MIUI development version has been upgraded with three-shot smooth switching. Simply zoom in or out, the system will automatically switch to the corresponding telephoto lens or super wide-angle lens, connect the three lenses, from 0.6x to 10x zoom, simulate The feel of the camera lens zooming.

The three lenses will automatically switch to your needs, just like using a lens, which is very convenient and better. seemingly simple small functions is very complicated, you need to switch between the shots very quickly, and you need to ensure that the picture is stable without a jump, and a uniform white balance is the best.  

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