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Xiaomi seosystem brand release a new xiaomi 10w universal fast charge support Qi protocol the xiaomi wireless charger ( Universal fast charge version ) The max output power of 10W is fast charging in the wireless charging. Note:  many miscellaneous brand only input power very high. In fact, the wireless charging loss is large, and how much power can be output to the phones, is the most important. 

Want to achieve 10W fast charge must be matched with 9V/1.6A QC2.0/QC3.0 charging adapter, with normal 5V/2A adapter only 5W power output, Apple's 5V/1A adapter is not supported. materials the surface is made of silicone, the phone has a certain resistance on the top, and it will not fall when it is shaken. don't like surface was glass, and it was easy to scratch the phone and it was easy to slip down. 

Support fast charge smartphones ( note : need fast charge adapter ) : 

Apple : iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus 

Samsung : Samsung S9 / S9+ , Note 8 , S8 / S8+ , S7 / S7 edge / Note 5 / S6 edge+ / S6 / S6 edge 

xiaomi wireless charger ( Universal fast charge version ) Price on Nextbuying. 


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