Where to Buy Oneplus 6 In Australia

Need a new phone and looking to buy the OnePlus 6? official on-sale date is 22 May 2018, but no plans for an official Aus release, can't find anywhere in Australia that sells it. Nextbuying free shipping Australia, difference between the AUS one plus 6 phone and foreign model?  

In the Australia OnePlus 6 model: mirror black 6GB RAM, mirror black 8GB RAM, midnight black 8GB RAM (128GB and 256GB ), the white color version maybe wait 1 -2 week in stock,  OP6 update spec information, use optic AMOLED display with minimal bezels and new 19:9 aspect ratio, the screen size is 6.28 inches in the full rectangle and 6.12 inches accounting for the rounded corners. Processor SOC use Qualcomm snapdragon 845, this 2018 flgship standard configuration. 

About the Camera use sony IMX 519 sensor ( main ) and other camera still use Oneplus 5t configuration, rear camera secondary sony IMX 376k and front camera sensor sony IMX 371.  new Oneplus 6 LTE bands in Australia support 700MHz ( b28 ) , What 4g bands are used in Australia? 

Australia is currently using these 4G LTE bands
2100Mhz (B1) – Telstra (a handful of sites), Optus (Tasmania), Vodafone
1800Mhz (B3) – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
850Mhz (B5) – Vodafone 
2600Mhz (B7) – Telstra, Optus
900Mhz (B8) – Telstra (a handful of sites, utilises spectrum previously used by 2G)
700Mhz (B28) – Telstra, Optus  

OnePlus 6 Australia price ? the one plus 6 is now being sold at Nextbuying.com ( Be sure to use the discount code 'next5off' ) Coupons off $5, it is a lot easier than the other methods and more reliable.

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8 thoughts on “Where to Buy Oneplus 6 In Australia”

  1. Bought this after my Google Nexus 6p finally died the death that they all eventually do. Bought this phone one plus 5t through Nextbuying.com fast free shipping Aus, and it has been performing excellently. The camera captures great photos, the phone itself is very fast to start and swap between apps and the installed Oxygen OS is very intuitive. Battery life is also very good, and the phone can be full recharged within one hour using the provided dash charger.

  2. Just bought one plus 6 phone to replace my one plus 3t phone. I hope it is worth the price, Last Christmas, my wife bought one plus 5t phone through at Nextbuying, The camera captures great photos!!!!

    1. We’re glad to hear that you’re happy, thanks ! We warmly welcome your feedback the new one plus 6 phone !

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