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The last week nextbuying have post a "What do you think about the smartphones ? 
Share your thoughts with us. We will pick 3 lucky winners from all the comments on our Facebook and Google plus page
" today will share some commend to this . 




1, @Baral: 1. Better battery life and removable battery, Better camera, Better Performance,Bigger screen,Swappable back cover  

2, @Rohde: Offer a device with Nexus like software and update support and add some high-end hardware, then it might actually be interesting. It's a pity you decided to go with the built-in battery though

3, @Haque: It has a 6 lens camera offered by even some of the high price range devices bleeding edge CPU spec and very well specced display tecchnology. feel design philosophy. 

4, @Gagnon: they place a lot of emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Materials are high quality, ergonomics and durability. very hard to find anything close to it in the LCD arena. Brightness as well such a good battery  They use real metal. 

April Many smartphones will be released ( china smartphone : oneplus one April 24 and the xiaomi new device released April 24. ) now be the phone doing the talking. Can't wait to see what a company that works hand in hand the mobile phone experience. Looking forward to the first truly rebel phone.

Nextbuying April online mobile phone list >

1,Hot sale super slim only 6.5mm Ultra-light only 128g iNew V3 

2,Cheap Octa-core processor MTK6592 1.7GHz 2GB of RAM 16GB of built phone ram support NFC better be the cheap octa-core phone ever dropped 5.5" Corning II gorilla glass, capacitive touch screen 1920 x 1080 pixels FHD screen ( ZOPO ZP998 Octa-core 2GB/16GB, Thl t100s octa-core 2GB/32GB )

ZOPO ZP980 link :http://www.nextbuying.com/zopo-zp998-smartphone-5-5-inch-gorilla-glass-fhd-screen-octa-core-2gb-16gb-otg-nfc-p000178.html

THL 100S link :http://www.nextbuying.com/thl-t100s-iron-man-phone-mtk6592-octa-core-5-0-fhd-gorilla-glass-screen-2gb-32gb-nfc-otg-p000189.html 

When do we start purchasing this baby if it gets to the threshold of what most of us desire in a top spec smartphone.

NextBuying.com Mobile Phone Department 

May Meet again Thanks !!


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4 thoughts on “what do you think about smartphones”

  1. My reason is : Power is important if u want more performance so the highest battery capacity is right choice. Camera : i think should has 8 MP its enough for photo’s. Performance better made run fast and has good proccessing image quality

  2. This day and age I don’t think a removable battery is a make or break for me. Battery endurance and overall battery health is definitely a factor. I’m starting to take more pictures within the last few months so camera quality matters, performance is pretty much a given with the newer phones, tho I will say, it would be interesting to see different processors on Android phones aside from Snapdragons. Not to say they are bad in any way, in fact I love em, its just seems to be the only go to processor type for US phones.. Screen size…. I don’t want anything bigger than the Xperia Z2. I dare say that if phones keep getting bigger, I won’t be buying anymore of the newer ones. Lastly, back covers don’t mean a whole lot to me. 

  3. 1. Battery life is one of the most important things for a phone as people aren’t always near a charger. Having a battery that lasts at minimum 24 hours is a must, and if that requires sacrificing device thickness and weight, then so be it. Having a removable battery helps to keep the device lasting longer and maintain battery health
    2. The camera is a smaller issue. It’s nice to have a decent shooter to have those special moments, but it’s not necessary to have a DSLR type of result. 8MP as a standard is decent, and the OnePlus One has shown us it’s possible to have great results in a smartphone camera
    3. The MotoX and MotoG have shown us performance doesn’t have to come at the best specs. However, if the phone DOES have better specs, the software does need to be optimized to take advantage of the hardware. This is something that should not be overlooked in ANY phone and should be a requirement
    4. Screen size. I think we’ve hit a wall around 5″ screens. This size affords portability with the ability to see and experience what the phone has to offer without being limited.
    5. If you have a removable battery, the cover naturally is going to be able to be swapped out. While not a necessity, it’s nice to have the option. Many people use cases, so this can become a moot point in the end.

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