Top Accessories for Samsung Phones

The new April mouth Samsung company will per-sell galaxy s5 phones and HTC has releases HTC M8 and MOTO has releases MOTO G phones more new phones join this moth, so you want get is ?  Sorry today topic is hot sale top cheap accessories for samsung phones 🙂

item 1>  This car holder for Samsung galaxy S3/S4  designed to allow you to position your Samsung phone in either landscape or portrait modes, either on your car's windscreen or the dashboard.

– Use it on your dashboard or windscreen
– Position your phone at any angle 

Samsung Accessories


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case compatible car mount samsung phones









































item 2 > Theis micro USB data and charge cables for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 perfect solution for all your data transfer needs. Copy pictures, music, synchronise schedules and much more between your phone and PC.

The user friendly USB standard and the high speed data transfer, makes the USB cable a perfect tool for moving data between your micro USB Samsung phone and a PC. Use the cable to connect to the Internet via your Samsung mobile phone, making Web and e-mail access possible from virtually any location. support Charge the Samsung phones and Compatible with Samsung PC studio you want Copy images to and from your phone? Transfer music files and MP3s cool to Copy data or back-up data from your phone to PC .

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micro usb data cable for samsung s3/s4













item 3> Adjustable car holder stand for samsung s3 Hold your phone safely and legally in your car,a ball joint for multiple positions and angles, Adjustable holder is compatible with all Samsung smartphones 

Allows you to securely hold your samsung mobile phone in your car in a number of different ways. The holder is designed so that it can be adjusted to suit you into a position most comfortable for you

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item 4> Wallet Stand Genuine Case with Card Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Provides comprehensive protection for your phone and the screen and Slimline and durable construction or Slot for storing ID or credit cards. 

Quality materials cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, offers a perfect fit Leather Case with Card Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 (White Black Brown and Red Color)

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Wallet Stand Genuine Case with Card Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note 3













item 5> The mini OTG Micro USB cable for samsung mobile phone ( support any samsung phone the s2/s3/s4/note2/note3 etc..) and support any micro USB device such as nexus 7

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OTG Micro USB Cable for Samsung mobile phone 

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