THL 5000/4400 Long Battery Life Smartphone

Battery life champion. yep, THL 5000 built-in a 5000mAh battery ( THL 4400 4400mAh) only after you took chances to see how long it goes again and again and not be disappointed that someone says that.they use well calibrated scientific tools to measure things like display quality and battery life. Remember my recent rants on battery life of modern smartphones? The big advances in battery technology happen rarely. It's been more than 200 years and we have maybe five different successful rechargeable batteries, said George Blomgren, a former senior technology researcher at eveready and now a private battery consultant. It's frustrating. 

Battery is one of the key features that smartphone users want. although smartphones have been progressing rapidly, it is true to say that battery capacity has not kept pace. The only reasonable option for a smartphone maker who wants to offer high performance with long battery life is to include a big battery, you can even use the THL 5000 as a power bank to charge other phones. 

As for battery life testing, that there is no perfect methodology, understands how to simulate a scenario which affects the CPU and network utilization as closely to a real world scenario as possible. Their methodology is a lot more sophisticated than you might think.

Octa-core processor MTK6592T available at 2.0GHz higher processing performance than its predecessor ARM Cortex-A7 architecture individually allocates tasks to 8-core, the phone use 2GB of RAM and 16GB of Flash ROM.

5" Corning Gorilla Glass IPS OGS Screen 1920×1080 pixels , Full HD Wherever you are Games, ebooks, and videos, are vibrant, clear, and bigger than ever and the back of the camera 13MP. dimensions 145x73x8.5 mm, weight 170g. price Only $269.98 USD on

Next the THL 4400 phones just as the name implies the phone built-in a 4400mAh battery, quad core processor 5 inch corning 3 gorilla glass IPS. 5.0MP front camera, 8.0MP BSI back camera(interpolation 13.0MP) with flashlight and auto focus, up to 4096 x 3072 pixels resolution, support 1080p video recording, HDR, smile shot, panorama. Price $189.98 USD on Nextbuying

THL 4400 Phone battery life:
standby time: 860 hours (one month and 5.8 days) 
2G calling time: 41 hours 
3G calling time: 25 hours 
3G web browsing: 11 hours 
Wifi browsing: 10 hours 
Music play time: 108 hours (Headset Profile) 
Video play time: 10 hours 

THL 5000 Phone battery life:
Leave the phone on standby for 1000 hours.
Call for 47 hours.
Browse the web for 11 hours.
Listen to music for 125 hours.
Watch movies for 11 hours.



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