OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone Reviews

The OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone screen is excellent in both refresh rate and resolution, but obviously the dynamic AMOLED wins in other respects, it feels more beautiful, the color gamut is wider, the saturation is excellent, the brightness is very high, the black is black. The color looks more pure, the overall quality is definitely dynamic AMOLED.  

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Where to Buy Oneplus 6 In Australia

Need a new phone and looking to buy the OnePlus 6? official on-sale date is 22 May 2018, but no plans for an official Aus release, can't find anywhere in Australia that sells it. Nextbuying free shipping Australia, difference between the AUS one plus 6 phone and foreign model?  

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Oneplus 5T Sandstone White Unboxing on Nextbuying

Oneplus release new sandstone white model of the OnePlus 5T  limited edition,  the iconic sensation of oneplus sandstone with a sleek all-aluminum shell.  it's designed to mimic the smooth matte feel of earlier OnePlus handsets. Nextbuying first unboxing post. 

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Oneplus 5T Lava Red Limited Edition Colour

OnePlus 5T has got a Lava Red limited edition smartphones , only limited to the upper end model (8GB/128GB) If you needed another reason to pick up the OnePlus 5T, you just got it.  looks fantastic. related readings are available for Where to buy Oneplus 5T Australia 64GB/128GB

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