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This year about the Positioning Techniques with Smartphone hot,  and more consumer Leave a comment about smartphone gps and L1 L5 double tech. At present, the positioning can be mainly divided into the following types. 

Satellite positioning (GPS/GlONASS/Galilean/Beidou) is the satellite transmission, the smartphone receives the signal, and the satellites can be located in the earth (the satellites are divided into L1 and L5). Ten seconds to position, the accuracy is about 10 m.

WIFI positioning, big data company collects the MAC address of the AP, and obtains the location information, because the AP's beacon package carries the MAC address, the smartphone gets it and sends it to the big data company, and estimates the location according to the degree of signal attenuation. If you can access the Internet, you can locate it instantly, and the accuracy is about tens of meters.

Data location, the location of the base station is more fixed. The big data company collects the Cell ID and location and stores it in the database. After getting the cell ID of the smartphone, it goes to the network to query, and estimates the location according to the signal attenuation degree and the signal strength of several adjacent cell IDs. If you can access the Internet, you can locate it instantly, and the accuracy is about several hundred meters to several kilometers.

Base station , So have a problem is coming, some friends said that my smartphone is so powerful in indoor positioning, because there is no GPS in the room, if there is no wifi in the house, it is purely based on the base station, and the deviation is several hundred meters or more. 

The smartphone is not connected to the wifi, and can also be positioned using wifi, with an accuracy of several tens of meters. Some smartphone may turn off the WLAN scanning and positioning service (different from the wifi switch) by default due to various settings (misoperation/some applications default or not). It is recommended to open it manually to better experience. Location service

Specific open the methods on Android phones :
Click "Settings", in the top "Search System Settings", enter "Scan", click "WLAN Scan" in the search results, open "WLAN Scan", "Bluetooth Scan" option, even if you do not turn on wifi or Bluetooth, It can also improve the accuracy of network positioning.

This feature is available for all Android phones. You can check to see if this feature is turned on. 

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