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OnePlus One arrived DHL this morning. received Tracking yesterday i live in San Francisco. DHL tracking system online showed the package was at sort facility at time of delivery at my home, glad I was home. the box is very well done, because I'm tired of waiting for an invitation, i get the OPO phone from Nextbuying online $389.99 + $19.98 DHL shipping cost with a Oneplus official cover, arrived with about 30% charge. 























It's a little bigger than I expected, but other than that it's a great phone

Easily connected to wi-fi and Google set-up was a breeze. Had to go to t-mobile for a sim. The phone was very admired. the call quality is very good, camera and video work good in bright light so far. Bluetooth hooked up easily. Screen is plenty bright and clear. The fit and finish is beautiful. Like a well-made automobile. Sim-card slot is invisible in the sandstone finish. Very impressed so far. I'm a lucky man to have the OnePlus One. 

Pictures taken by oneplus one

Battery life on the OnePlus One is quite nice. i uploaded the pic. It was at 58% after being off the charger for 7.5 hours. i plugged it into my laptop to transfer some movies onto it. i'll repost another shot maybe tomorrow.

The OnePlus One battery. truly remarkable. 1 days of normal use and I only had to end my test because I need a fully charged phone for work tomorrow. This is with Wi-Fi and mobile networks on and the display on auto brightness. 

About OPO i still find that the One is doing much better than the Nexus 5 after it was on this was not the most representative example of the potential of the One, but I would say it is performing on this side there. All taken in hand or test that I've seen so here seems to confirm. 

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  1. Maybe I’ll consider it when I see one. Invite away! It’s like a party that you keep talking about but it never happens . Since then I’ve enjoyed a fee parties and over the fact of the flagship Killer .

  2. I really really want this phone and have literally since it was announced , maybe nextbuying is a good choice

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