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The new flagship oneplus 5, a Snapdragon 835 processor official launch of the oneplus 5 mobile phone, amazing great camera lots of internal memory,  Nextbuying Shoot a unboxing picture for OP5 and share some consumer reviews purchase experience from Nextbuying. 

Outside the package with white plus red design has oneplus mobile phone packaging design highlights, Data cables and adapter, as box decoration, accessories as a whole is very simple. 

Other reviews reference technology blog, here just post some Nextbuying consumer reviews or check other post ( Oneplus 5 Australia Price )  



I’m not a spec fanatic. I’ll buy this because I had a stunning experience with the brand and Oneplus 3 from NextBuying . Bigger moder is for ego bloat only … :D it will have its market …

700Mhz (Band 28) – [Telstra Cat6, Optus] on Australia, I have not noticed any issues through not having band 28. … the phone has better reception than my old oneplus 3 smartphones which I assume would have had the coveted band.


Oneplus 5 8GB VERSION points for me:
– Much nicer feel in hand for the ONEPLUS 5 body
– Battery life is really impressive
– SD835 is a beast when it comes to performance and battery efficiency
– OxygenOS 4.5.5 has some nice additions..
– Speaker is louder
– supports a lot more 4G LTE bands (convenient for travelling) 

Hey there, Yes I did order it Oneplus 5 128GB edition. I'm so happy to inform you that it arrived safely today 😀 I paid for the shipping US$3.98 for the shipping Australia Post, only 7 business day ( Melbourne ) …. Overall it did take a little while to arrive from the moment I ordered, but Im happy with the outcome and the updates I got from tracking number system as to where my package was at. include : (1* Oneplus 5 ,  1* Dash Type-C Cables, 1* Dash charger, 1* SIM card needle, 1* Quick Start Guide, 1* Warranty Card, Nextbuying free gift : 1* US to AU plug adapter. ) Unboxing and power on running Global OxygenOS default installed google play store, gmail , maps etc .. " (Posted on 7/10/2017) By Michael from Australia 

Flagship specs for half the price of a flagship phone, a really enthusiast's dream phone! more accessories and oneplus 5 smartphone SPEC info. check this . 



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