Oneplus 5 Australia Price Support Band 28

Oneplus new Flagship killer Oneplus 5 Released on June 21, New smartphone a dual-camera setup, top-of-the-line specs, and an all-new design, powered by the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 835 SOC comes with a combo of either 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage or a max 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. 

At this stage OnePlus are not bringing the phone direct to Australia, but good news Oneplus 5 sale on North America, Europe, Hong Kong and Mainland China all same model name and have 34 distinct cellular bands covering at least one band in every country — in one piece of hardware. That's pretty impressive. 

Support Australia Band 28 ( 700mhz ) ? Yes . more consumer ask about smartphone work on Australia support b28? Oneplus 5 Maybe a good choice.  

Oneplus 5 running official OxygenOS based on the latest version of Android, 7.1.1 Nougat,  features include an automatic Night Mode, expanded screenshots, gaming do not disturb mode etc. 

OP5 highlights Dual back real camera and this is the highest resolution dual-camera system on any smartphone. 

>Wide-angle Sensor: Sony IMX 398 Megapixels: 16 , Pixel Size: 1.12 µm. 

>Camera Telephoto Sensor: Sony IMX 350 Megapixels: 20 Pixel Size: 1.0 µm 

About design The theverge tech blog media post The feel of this phone, though, is quite unharmed by its lack of originality.  how you feel about the OnePlus 5’s design ? like iPhone 7 🙂 more comment The specs are just amazing no one can ask for more , but the design.. why would you copy the iPhone? I mean it looks like a cheap replica of it.   curved antenna lines the dual-camera module, microphone, and LED flash etc.. 


How to Buy Oneplus 5 Australia


Also seeing as there's only one version of the oneplus 5 (and allows for band 28)  At this stage OnePlus are not bringing the phone direct to Australia, the OP5 is looking very attractive ? Nextbuying have online OP5 6GB / 8GB version, shipping to Australia express DHL only 3 -5 work day. 


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  1. All I’m trying to do is just buy this phone because I’ve been waiting for it and want it live in Australia.. Will the Oneplus 5 64gb version also be avaiable in black or only grey?

  2. I was hoping for dual cameras and clearer pictures, and get Oneplus 5 with band 28 lte 4g networks !! Looking for low prices on Nextbuying .. Thanks !

  3. I’m not a spec fanatic. I’ll buy this because I had a stunning experience with the brand and Oneplus 3 from NextBuying . Bigger moder is for ego bloat only … 😀 it will have its market …

    700Mhz (Band 28) – [Telstra Cat6, Optus] on Australia, I have not noticed any issues through not having band 28. … the phone has better reception than my old oneplus 3 smartphones which I assume would have had the coveted band.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Oneplus 5 have in stock on Nextbuying 64GB and 128gb version. We warmly welcome your feedback. Best regards !

  4. The OnePlus 5 has rugged hardware, a metal body and some camera enhancements, but it has been lacking in some aspects, such as the absence of a Quad HD display !!

  5. Oneplus 5 8GB VERSION points for me:
    – Much nicer feel in hand for the ONEPLUS 5 body
    – Battery life is really impressive
    – SD835 is a beast when it comes to performance and battery efficiency
    – OxygenOS 4.5.5 has some nice additions..
    – Speaker is louder
    – supports a lot more 4G LTE bands (convenient for travelling)

  6. Oneplus 5 vs HTC U11 .. the phone is wider than the OP5, even though it’s a bit only, can feel the difference when use one hand.
    For me OP5 wins in a few things. Slightly better performance, nicer software experience, and battery life.

    1. Good weekend ! Nextbuying Instagram share a oneplus 5 shot picture from Australia consumer 🙂 think plus photo quality !!

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