New toy Photos are with macro lens, wide angle, fish eye

My new toy little macro and wide angle mobile phone lens has arrived  included with one of the most peculiarly worded instruction manuals… Photos are with macro lens, wide angle, fish eye and no attachment, wasn't sure what to expect but these are actually pretty cool. 


I'm on the freeway home and just logged in and saw this photo set of universal cellphone lens that use a simple clip to hold the lens on cellphone camera. The set is composed by three lenses, one for fisheye photos, one for wide angle photos and a last one for magro photos. The price being low, I didn't expect great results and actually the wide angle and fisheye, although funny to use, are not top quality. The macro lens, on the other hand, seems amazing to me! I didn't expect to be able to shoot such macro photos with a smartphone camera!

Macro Wide Angle Photo Lens for iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Phone 3-in-1 Fish Eye









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