How to take good pictures on your xiaomi phone

Xiaomi Photography Competition coming soon, Nextbuying share a how to take good pictures on your xiaomi phone,  the best camera settings that you can try out to get some great shots with the camera.

Smartphone shot best pictures the Super wide-angle building

– Super wide-angle building

– Turn on the smartphone "photographing" function

– Switch to 0.6X super wide angle mode

– 117° super wide-angle lens lets you stand in front of the building

– You can take a picture of the whole building

taken with macro lens the flowers and birds 

– Turn on camera app

– Click on the top right menu

– Macro mode function

– Take the camera close to the flowers and take pictures

– Centimeter-level macro new "vision"

– Plant physique can clearly express

– See the beauty of natural details 

 Offering powerful hardware and a good camera experience, Which device takes this best pictures? 

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  1. Sports and shooting on Xiaomi Mi 9 Smartphone

    Shoot VLOG

    recommended for good xiaomi camera app the “sports and shooting” mode:

    – Select camera recording
    – Open the sport and shoot

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