Hope software and hardware for your phone ?

Share some People think about the CPU and RAM and battery that mobile phones Hope that you guys optimize the software for the hardware so we can get the BEST experience ? is no gimmick, Cheap Price, Over Powered, Small Bezell. This hardware is the best choice regarding power, supreme quality!!



( Picture Huawei Honor 3C )

1> Hope that you guys optimize the software for the hardware so we can get the BEST experience ever or just hope the design and aesthetics of the One are also Mind Blowing 

2> 2 GB of ram is more than plenty, the processors think they should be sufficient to handle the apps GPU seems to be the trend to deliver user experiance and to get mobile gaming near the console one. large screen densities seem to cause overkill in performance requirement for GPU 5 inch device many/masses price will take over specs 

3> The phone has a good slim agronomic design, for me it's the best phone out there. Great specs, a slim design, good hardware (camera,etc) and cyanogen mod at a medium price make the best phone. 

4> It is an excellent combination of the most powerful SOC currently available and the maximum amount of RAM, altogether making sure to keep the phone running smoothly at all times, even under very heavy load. 

5> Looking forward to 4K video shooting and slow motion with this CPU. 3GB of ram

6> Hope that the battery is a real deal, 3100mAh seems a little bit used 3100mAh and one full battery in my Galaxy S3 .
So I am excited how you wanna manage this. But to be honest I don't think you are able to solve it. used about 4500mAh without a power station even close to be yesterday.

7> finally a phone that can manage and work my life without any lag. A phone that'll provide enormous amount of fun without delay.

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