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Hello Nextbuying, today get the Oneplus One Smartphones, for the review. i really like the phones, right after I placed my order ( i don't have get a invite on OPO sites). it have similar specifications as twice the priced LG G3 that i compared it to so make it more even as it is marketed as a flag ship killer. 










Best with it is the operating system as it runs Cyanogen Mod, also for short called CM and this gives gobbs of great features that makes it a nexus killer mostly ie tweak until u drop device for the techie that likes too fiddle with Android.

When i first opened the box, OnePlus logo to open it. beneath the cardboard box was this beautiful red and white box, the charger came in a separate box, with the same coating. I didn't take a picture of the cable, but it also looks beautiful. It is a red flat cable, with white USB plugs on each side. 

OnePlus not include all 4g bands, 4g lte band 2100/1800/2600MHz support on Netherlands. about the battery have no doubt that the 3100 mAh battery will last me all day. 

The phone have the 64GB Sandstone black, is amazing. for a phone that size 5.5" FHD screen ´╝łno 2k screen ) it feels really good in my hand. The back does feel life Sandstone and makes it easy to hold. It is not slippery, with its rough texture. Of course the camera is amazing as well. 

Installing sim needs tools as pictured, phone comes with it. And you will need to cut your sim card 















Verified buyer By Ghaith Al  August 13, 2014  

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