CM11s working on OnePlus One RAW DNG

Cyanogen Inc. CM11s engineers have been working on RAW DNG  support for the OnePlus One phones, there's too much conflation between the hacking you might do to install Cyanogenmod vs the day to day user experience. i certainly didn't install Cyanogenmod on my wife's, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and mom's devices so they could overclock and flash experimental basebands: it was so they would have a better, easier user experience. 

"I personally can't wait to get my hands on one! I've been using CyanogenMod since the LG G2, will always support you guys. You made phones that were crap so much better and easier to use." by Aaron 

– Exploring the sensor dynamic range
– Seeing how much shadows can be pushed, highlights can be recovered.
– Adjusting chromatic aberration correction in real life scenarios
– High ISO noise stress test.
– Validating the ongoing color profiling development

Each shot is tuned to taste for white balance, exposure, highlights & shadows, sometimes also whites & blacks in Lighroom.
A couple have a slight clarity boost, the swan picture has some added color vibrance.

I'm not lucky with the weather lately hence the overcast conditions.
and I really need a sunny day as soon as possible to calibrate better the standard daylight D65 illuminant

In the same album, I attached the unmodified JPEG shots, as we shot in RAW+JPEG.

However, use the OnePlus One Smartphone CyanogenMod 11S important note on the JPEGs a direct comparison between the DNG exports and JPEGs in this specific context is not really fair as this development built of the camera subsystem app had noise reduction disabled.
I chose to include them still to illustrate the current difference in color rendering, and how much headroom especially in dynamic range there is.

The color profiling, vignetting correction and a few other details are not finished yet but I'm already pretty impressed by the potential here, and very excited to have a RAW-capable camera in my pocket at all times.

Reverse yet similar to the color science used to calibrate displays as they're in charge to transform back those pixels for your eyes to see.

 the samples are downsized to 2048x.

High dynamic range scene, where the RAW headroom allows to recover details in the end of the tagged tunnel, Due to the methodology used, these colors should be accurate, but I'll go back here to check.Highlight recovery allowed to regain some texture in the sky without introducing false colors. 

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