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The next week nextbuying have online more chinese brand mobile phones, of this device comes with the specs they mentioned, good build quality handware and optimized software, so that it runs fast and smooth and with good battery life, that would ne more than food value. 


Like all china brand phone manufacturers when they release their device. these SPEC sheets are getting new. that sounds promising, a very promising camera and battery life, a HD IPS, AMOLED Screen.

The android phones and there is enough interest in the Chinese , both with enough quality models such as those signed by Lenovo, Huawei, Zopo, Cubut, and Xiaomi as in more affordable phones.

Nextbuying online phones specs look good and i'm just a little unsure about the amount of content the google play store will feature. also curious about other features, eg. NFC and camera with flashlight and auto focus etc..

All Phone support google certified meaning it will run the same google play store anybody else has on their android phone,in this price range with phones that are $100 -$350 of dollars, the price difference between the 4/8gb and the 16/32gb the non expandable storage and support micro SD card up to 64gb. 

Also the good music support cloud services. have many gigs of pictures. many gigs that i want at my fingertips and not load from the cloud all the time. you like to watch movies on my phone. use netflix when on wifi but otherwise i need space? support switching devices with a TF card is a breeze.

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Thank you!! NextBuying Team. 


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