Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2nd Gen

Xiaomi Mijia Update previous generation robot vacuum cleaner, release 2nd Gen Xiaomi mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner, Compared with the previous generation mijia robot vacuum, the new mijia 1s visual navigation is added on the basis of laser navigation, namely “laser + visual fusion”, which can identify each room through the door, the suction is increased from 1800Pa to 2000Pa, and the processor and efficiency are improved compared with the previous generation. 

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Xiaomi Best Camera Phone the Xiaomi Mi 9 Reviews

Xiaomi has been investing in camera development for four years. Xiaomi Mi 9 not only has a best of photography, and world-class video,  many interesting small video ( the hot vlog ). The 2019 year May 1 Friends  Photo Contest begin. It is strongly recommended that the 960-frame slow motion function of Xiaomi Mi 9 is very interesting. 

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Xiaomi 10w wireless charger support Qi

Xiaomi seosystem brand release a new xiaomi 10w universal fast charge support Qi protocol the xiaomi wireless charger ( Universal fast charge version ) The max output power of 10W is fast charging in the wireless charging. Note:  many miscellaneous brand only input power very high. In fact, the wireless charging loss is large, and how much power can be output to the phones, is the most important. 

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Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa E20 / E35 Robot Vacuum Cleaner English Manual

Nextbuying smarthome team update new robot vacuum xiaomi roborock xiaowa E20 and E35 model English user manual, below copy a official FAQ file. the manual include Security Information, Product Introduction, Installation, Operating Instruction, Daily Maintenance, Basic Parameters. Please read this manual carefully before using the product and keep it properly.  

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OnePlus 6 Unboxing

Nextbuying new oneplus 6 Midnight Black 128GB version, So Nextbuying gonna start off talking about the unboxing. a bright red OnePlus branded logo, which is essentially a pretty booklet with lots of pretty product photos and covers all the features and specs that OnePlus wants to highlight.  

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Xiaomi MITU Mid-size RC Quadcopters with HD Camera

Xiaomi toy brand MITU launched a toys mini drone RC Quadcopter support 10 minutes of battery life, 720P HD video recording, 2 million-pixel still photo shooting, real-time video transmission, and infrared gameplay.  

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